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    Dubai Leaders Academy
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Learn to start and manage your own business for FREE!

Get the life you've always wanted - here's what it takes:

You contact
You engage
We teach & train

Don't wait - create!

Set a new course for your life, consider this a wakeup call and let us help you build a financial secure future for you and your family.

The cold, but true facts

People who have success as business owners:

Wanna be one
of them?

Change the STATS - Build a successful international business and leave UAE a millionaire!

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Where would we be without


Where would we be without people who dreamed about flying, dreamed about going to space,
dreamed about crossing the ocean or about curing a disease? Those are the people driving us
forward - the BIG dreamers. If you don't dream big for yourself and your family, who will?

What's your big dream?
Do you want a fantastic vacation, the house of your dreams, a luxurious yacht, financial security so you and your family never have to worry about money again or something completely different?

Make your dreams real - Contact us now

"If you don't want to learn, no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!"

Learn to build a team

Watch your team grow into the thousands and develop your management and training skills.

Learn to Motivate and Inspire

Learn to motivate, inspire and to lead by example. Become a person even you would listen to.

Learn Public speaking

Elevate your level in presentation and public speaking skills - become a master of presentation.

Learn Personal development

Selfimprovement - To enhance your social skills, and the latest marketing and sales techniques

Learn about Anti-aging

Learn all about anti-aging skincare, what is effective and how you can improve your health

Learn about your biological clock

Learn how your body works, what happens as we age and how we can slow it down - featuring Nobel Prize winning research.

Become a leader
even YOU would follow!

The Dubai Executive Leader Academy is:

  • A free alternative where you work your way to knowledge and success
  • A part-time Training Academy for motivated business people (both men & women)
  • A part-time program that will take 6-12 months based on your commitment
  • A part-time program that will take 1-8 hours daily, depending on your commitment
  • A part-time business program where you are not limited by how you look, who you know, where you are from, by your age or gender.

You are rewarded for the work you do!


Graduation? Then what..

After completion of the program, you will be International Executive Team Leader with a team of
potentially more than 5.000 members and a potential income of at least $25,000+ (AED 92,000+) monthly.
But we have leaders in our team who are making 10 times that - yes you read it right - more than
$250,000 per month! So what are you waiting for?

Why work with us?

  • Business without limits

    We can help you multiply your income every year - several times, in fact!

  • Your own start-up

    Ever dreamed of being your own boss? This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs.

  • Best help & support

    The best online and offline tools to help you succeed and improve yourself.

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  • Reach your goals

    Go ahead and set your goals, we will be right there helping you reach them.

  • Learn new skills

    Every week we offer complimentary trainings sessions, we want you to be at the top of your game.

  • Become a leader

    We discover and train new visionary leaders every day, every week. You can too!

How much is it to get started?

Startup packages begin at only $560. Contact us for more info.

Some of the products we are working with

Want to know more?

Send us your details and we will get back to you tomorrow.

  • Office: Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
  • +971 55 301 1059
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