Participate in our Ipanema Treasure Hunt

Find the clues, locate and visit four secret places and collect on the way as many points as you can to discover when and where to find the treasure. Flip flops and the cash treasure will be awarded to a few brave and lucky treasure hunters and raffle winners.


More than 1,000 AED in treasure prizes for lucky hunters

Sign up and join Ipanema and Sportland Group for a fun, challenging Treasure Hunt starting Wednesday 31st October 2018 and until Wednesday 20th November 2018.

Enroll and get the first clue, then you are started. Search and you might find the 2,000 AED cash treasure or win free Ipanema flip flops! Don't forget to read the guidelines below very carefully.

Take selfie images and videos

When you have solved a riddle, document it with a selfie image or video.

Have fun solving the riddles, find the clues

Can you beat our riddle master and solve the enigmas left for you? First, you have to find them!

Collect the most points and win

To be worthy of finding the treasure, you have to prove that you are the ultimate points collector.

Clues will help you find the 2,000 AED cash treasure, points will decide who gets it

Find the clues, solve the riddles while you collect as many points you possibly can - the treasure hunter with the highest number of points will get the treasure. We will also have a raffle for free flip flops on the day of announcing the winner.

Join the hunt for the treasure


How can you become the no. 1 treasure hunter?

You win by collecting the MOST POINTS during the treasure hunt.
Here are 4 easy ways to collect points:

1. Solve riddles and take selfies

Post an Ipanema shop selfie image and/or video using this hashtag: #ipanematreasurehunter

= 50 points per shop for posted/uploaded image
= 250 points per shop for posted/uploaded video

Ex: visit 4 shops and post videos = 1,000 points

Tip: Post both image and video selfies = more points

2. Get likes/engage friends

Get as many likes as you possibly can from your selfie posts.

= 2 point per like

Ex: your posts from 3 shops got 75, 50 and 100 likes = 450 points

3. Go shopping

Buy Ipanema products in our Ipanema shops between 31st Oct - 13th Nov.

= 10 points per AED spent*

Ex: shop for 200 AED = 2,000 points

* Once you have receipts totaling more than 50 AED (per contestant) you can email them to us for approval. Simply send us images of the receipts to:, don't forget to add your name and phone.

4. Follow us

Follow and like @ipanemaUAEofficial on Instagram and Facebook

= 100 points per follow

Ex: follow us on Facebook and Instagram = 2x100 points = 200 points

Timeline, treasure and prize

Wednesday 31st October

Start of the treasure hunt.

Wednesday 20th November

End of the treasure hunt.

Winner announcements

If you found all the clues, you will know where and when to join ud for the announcement. We will find the winner of the 2,000 AED cash treasure and do a raffle for Ipanema flip flops between the treasure hunters.

Terms & Conditions

1. The slippers and sponsor prizes given as a part of the raffle cannot be exchanged to cash.
2. Participants must be above the legal age of 18 years or bring a parent.
3. Receipts sent to us are personal and sharing is not allowed.
4. Original receipts must be presented to collect any prize.
5. For the main draw (the cash treasure) to be effectuated, at least 25 fully enrolled participants are required. If the fully enrolled number of participants are less than 25, then the contest deadline will be extended by 14 days. Already redeemed points with an enrolled participant, will remain with participant.

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